January 8, 2008

GE CMO Dan Henson Kick’s Off Measured Thoughts Webcast Series with MarketingNPV Partner Dave Reibstein


PRINCETON, N.J., January 8, 2008 – MarketingNPV today launched Measured Thoughts, a video webcast series featuring a one-on-one conversation with today’s leading CMOs offering executive-level insight into the efforts required to measure the payback on marketing initiatives. The series is hosted by Dave Reibstein, William Woodside Professor of Marketing at Wharton School of Business, and managing partner at MarketingNPV. Dave’s first guest is Dan Henson, CMO, General Electric.

“GE has really developed a reputation around innovation,” says Reibstein, “Dan Henson shares his unique perspective on the innovative efforts GE takes to measure and monitor the value of marketing.”

As CMO of one of today’s largest Fortune 500 companies, Henson is responsible for driving sales and marketing excellence, sales force effectiveness, enterprise accounts, strategic marketing, advertising, branding and communications. During this informal discussion with Reibstein, Henson discusses: the role of Corporate Marketing at GE; CMO, CEO, and CFO alignment; how GE applies its legendary financial discipline to marketing; and the unique challenges that come with measuring overall marketing effectiveness in a company as vast as GE. Henson even shares thoughts on GE’s sponsorship of the Olympic Games – and the unique ways in which GE analyzes the payback of that sponsorship.

The Measured Thoughts webcast series offers unique, executive-level insights into the efforts required to measure the financial payback of marketing investments. The format is one-on-one, informal discussions with today’s top CMOs designed to provide a candid look at the state of marketing measurement today. To view this or other webcasts in the series, or for more information on these events please click here.

MarketingNPV is a highly specialized advisory firm that links marketing expenditures to financial value creation, providing continuous improvement in the effective and efficient allocation of marketing resources. The firm uses processes and tools tuned to measure the payback on marketing investments, track the right performance metrics, and forecast the economic impact of changes in strategy or tactics. MarketingNPV maintains the world's largest online archive of articles and resources about marketing measurement, and publishes MarketingNPV Journal quarterly.

Measured Thoughts is a service mark of MarketingNPV.

Measured Thoughts webcast series is produced in conjunction with SAS and BetterManagement.com.

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